This page has been built with a version of MidiMeow 1.02. Since it explains how to solves a problem that should be fixed right now, the flash are still those built with MidiMeow 1.02. I can redirect you to this page if you experience problems when you try to do a conversion without using the option "Use Midi Presets".

The most common issue with midimeow is the fact the people have no sound on their files.

It is not a bug but it is related with the fact that people are using wrong sound card settings.

I'm using a french computer, so everything is written in french on my tutorials, but you can have a look on this webpage.
to get english settings.
This page has several tutorials in flash format built using a software called wink. The sound on these files is not perfect; anyway i guess it is not a problem for this purpose. Use F11 to switch full size/ normal size

1- The beginning: click here

(you try to convert a small midi file to test your settings)

2-The problem: click here

You test the mp3 file with your favorite player (here: winamp), and you notice that there is no sound.

3- The solution: click here

The mixer's settings were wrong, so you change them.

4- A new record: click here

Like (1) but with good settings (you see no difference, since your play settings were good)

5- A new test: click here

You can ear something this time.

(sorry if the sound is not very good)

6- How to use the mixer to sing on your songs: click here

To record mp3 from midi file without your voice, it is better to switch off your microphone. However it is possible to use your microphone as well to mix your voice with midis.
I'm changing my sound card settings for this purpose.

7- A test: click here

(how to do, not a lot of things here, on originals mp3 files the sound is better)