Welcome to Meow-Prod

Meow-Prod creates freewares and sharewares to help you.

You can find on this page the following softwares:

  • MeowMidi2Mp3

  • MeowMidi2Mp3 is a midi to wav/mp3 converter. It uses sf2 files (soundfonts) and is much more faster and easier to use than MidiMeow. With MeowMidi2Mp3 you can also read Kar files. Download MeowMidi2Mp3.

  • MidiMeow

  • MidiMeow rips midi files "on the fly", off course if your are looking for a software that converts raw datas into a mp3 or wav file, MeowMidi2Mp3 is better for you.
    Use MidiMeow if you have a good soundcard and if you know how to edit its settings. Remember that midi files need to be interpreted with midi instruments, so remember that with MidiMeow, the result may change from a sound card to an other. MidiMeow is the best tool you can find at this price. Download MidiMeow.

  • MeowMultiSound

  • MeowMultiSound is a free wav to ogg to mp3 to wav converter that converts files in both directions. You know, one these very wanted mp3 converters that are usually sharewares and that are useful for your mp3/wma player ? Well, ours is free! Download MeowMultiSound.

  • MeowCdMp3

  • MeowCdMp3 is a free cd to wav/ogg and mp3 converter. Download MeowCdMp3.

  • MyPikyLoad

  • Mypikyload is a picture manager that allows to upload your favorites pictures faster. This tool is done to manage easily these animations and pictures you're using often on the web. It is as well a good option to convert avi files to gif, make thumbnails and extract links like for or megaupload. Download MyPikyLoad.