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  • I want a tool to manage my pictures, upload them easily and extract them from webpages.

  • Try mypikyload it has a lot of other features.

  • I want to convert midi files to wav/mp3 or ogg files.

  • Try MidiMeow if you have a good sound card and you know how to use it or if you want to record what you listen (MidiMeow is a recorder).
    With midimeow, you can convert midi files for free with the "set timer" option to bypass the shareware limitation:
    time=time * 2

    If you have a soundblaster card or if you don't mind to get something that is not exactly 100% what you can hear with your sound card, try MeowMidi2Mp3.
    It can use sf2 soundfonts databases, and you can change it's base if you want. MeowMidi2Mp3 is probably the software that you should use and this software is much more faster than MidiMeow.

  • I want to convert wav,mp3 or ogg files from a format to an other.

  • Try MeowMultiSound.

  • I want to convert my unprotected cd tracks to wav, mp3 or ogg

  • Try MeowCdMp3.