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Other files options


- set as wallpapers: With the selected file: convert it to BMP if needed (works with jpg, png and gif only), copy the file to the "wall" directory and display it as wallpaper.
If the picture is online, it is possible that the download is done a little "too fast" (you get a partially fuzzy picture if your connection is not very good) . In this case, it is better to do the download manually with the software. It is possible to you get problems too with filenames with uppercase. (On some server only: you get a false 404 error, do "save target as" on the mini browser).

Works only with bmp, jpg, gif, and png extensions.

Avi to gif:

avi to gif

Convert an animated gif file from an avi file.
Warning all avi compressions methods are not compatible (xvid is not good usually).

-Input: the avi file
-output: where the output file will be recorded.
-Milliseconds per frame:  time to wait between 2 pictures.
-Step: increment to next picture. A step of 1 use all pictures.
A step of 2 will use the pictures: 1 3 5 7 9 (difference is 2).
A step of 3 will use the pictures: 1 4 7 10 13 (difference is 3).
- Add to list: to add the gif file to the list.
- Upload: to upload.

Make to start, cancel to close.


The tiny phone icon: if you click this button, you will go on a webpage of an external service that provides a solution to upload your picture on your mobile.
Be warned that this is a pay service and even registered users have to pay to use it.
Please select a file in your list and click on the button to use this feature.

the end my friend

Slideshow: slideshow starting from the select file to the end.
Edit: to edit in function of the files settings.