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Handle files

Description for the following buttons:


Very easy to use: it is needed to have one or several files (offline or online) selected in the file list. It is or directly send online using the current upload settings, or downloaded to a temporary directory, uploaded, then erased from the temporary directory (even if from time to time it is nice to check this temporary directory to delete old files).

-S: Check if the selected files.
If files should be on the hard drive but are not there: they are removed from the file list.
If they are online: it is harder to explain how works the software.
They are checked in function of the current "not found" code for the HTTP protocol.
-If you are using a HTTP upload, this code is always 404 FOR THE SOFTWARE (even if it is not the case for the online file).
-If you are using a FTP upload, you can set the code yourself (404, 301, 302 etc...), the code is set in the ftp parameters of the ftp server.
(you need good web knowledge to understand what follows):

Warning: the reference message is always the same for each checked files:
Since the software is not able to analyze everything visually, for example if a 302 message means an offline file instead of a redirection for an existing one, you have to check that the code for missing files is the same. If you select files on different servers, then if your current parameters are using 302 as reference message, then if elsewhere the good message is 404, these one won't be erased.
If you don't know what if the good message, use the "log window" of proxomitron, to get the good message.
This is important if you are using some hosts only, since 404 is usually always the good code since the HTTP protocol define it as reference for not found messages.
With imageshack, you get a 200 message, so this feature won't work, so it won't work because the message code is the same with or without a picture.
This option is useful if you are a FTP host, because you have rules that don't apply for host services that are just what the owner want.
It is more an option to clean a list than a perfect option, because it is not possible to handle all cases and even if is was it could take more time that checking everything manually.
So use this option to save time, but remember that from time to time, you will get an exception.
Btw it is better to use an ftp host because you're freer to manage your files.

- Download: display the download window: one download per line, the content of the clipboard is included in the window if it starts like a web address.