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If you have an artistic site feel free to submit it in this category, you will have next to a pretty exclusivity since i'll only update this section very late.

Aenemya      ( 2949 visits since the 27-12-2005 )
A collection of gothic dark fantasy pictures. Made with modified girl pictures. Very nice.
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Contemporary paintings by Florence Beal-Nenakwe      ( 2998 visits since the 20-09-2008 )
Everything about Florence Beal-Nenakwe is pure artistry... Her works, true reflections of her colorful imagination, tell stories of beauty, dreams and mysteries with a sweet touch of extravagance, all of which are brought to life through her mastery of cubism, the perfect partner to balance her never-ending canvas fantasies.
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Online photo-mosaic generator      ( 3220 visits since the 14-06-2007 )
From one of your digital images, create in a few seconds your photo-mosaic, made up of tiny photos based on topics of your choice.
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